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Complete Data Hygiene for Optimal Efficiency 

How clean is your data? 

If it is anything less than strategically run through and updated, there’s a chance you’ve been missing opportunities and wasting money. 

It’s no secret knowledge that technology and out-dated data can be working against you. Take marketing emails for example, that are getting filtered out with more aggression and accuracy than ever before. 

The algorithms used by ISP and email providers determine where your emails land based on a number of factors. Factors that can take your emails to the correct folder or, shove it off into SPAM or another folder – leaving your precious and glorious email never to be seen. 

This can lead to inactivity, elevated unsubscribe rates, decreased clicks, and more… 

Possibly debilitating an email campaign and sticking you with costly delays and wasted marketing.

We don’t want to see any of things happening to you! 

But we’ll be honest- most of the data you have on your light right now, is bad

If not, remember how fast-changing our world is right now. Data does go bad very quickly. 

We don’t want anything holding you back in your marketing! That’s why we offer our hygiene services. We’ll help clean your data so you know your leads are ready to receive the marketing aspects you’re worked so hard to create. 

We work in all areas of your data: 

Email Validation: what good is an email with a fake recipient? We make sure each email address has a real person behind it, their provided location is correct and accurate, and that you’re actually reaching them with your message. 

We ensure this by: 

  • Finding and removing inactive/non-responsive contacts
  • Searching for Merge/Purge and removing any duplicates
  • Validating emails (through Domain Validator, MX lookup, DEA Checker
  • Reducing Email bounce (check for typos, syntax errors, invalid characters, formatting issues)
  • Increasing email deliverability rates
  • Perform email list monitoring
  • Validate Lead’s Email IP addresses
  • And more 

List Cleaning: this is so important for any business. Continually cleaning and updating your list makes sure you’re only targeting interested prospects. We help make sure of it by:

  • Identifying and removing undeliverable email addresses
  • Deleting unknown or risky addresses
  • Using SPAM Trap Suppression 
  • Performing habitual complainer checks
  • Implementing fraud protection services
  • Identifying Temporary Accounts, Known Fraudsters, and Malicious Accounts

Postal Address Verifications: people move all across the US all the time. We check to make sure your recipients have not reported a new address before mailing your material. Most lists include non-CASS addresses that are undeliverable simply because the USPS does not recognize them. Verifying postal addresses means less wasted marketing efforts and less mail from you that gets tossed. We help optimize your postal addresses by: 

  • Matching CASS (Coding Accuracy Support System)
  • Comparing to Standardize Mailing Lists 
  • Reducing the Number of Undeliverable Addresses
  • Removing: non-standardized, inaccurate, and incomplete addresses
  • Screening against National Change of Address (NCOA) database
  • Check addresses against Do Not Mail lists
  • And more 

Phone Numbers: calling the correct numbers is important during any sort of campaign and we make sure the numbers on your list are completely verified:

  • Phone Validation Checks
  • Scan for Do Not Call (DNC) Numbers 
  • Phone Append
  • Reverse Phone Append

Our hygiene services are in place for one reason and one reason only – to help make sure you succeed in every marketing campaign you do. We want to see you get the most results out of your list. The best and only way to do that is to make sure you have a clean and updated list that works for you.

Our Guarantees.

At More Leads More Conversions, we believe the only way to build a successful business is to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible from the data you purchase. We are confident in the information you buy from More Leads More Conversions; we offer you guarantees.

We can offer guarantees because we have over 30 years of experience providing quality data to our clients. We know what works and how to help you grow your business. Our business grows by serving you repeatedly with your data needs.

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Our clients enjoy peace of mind thanks to transparent refund terms available online at any time. We want everyone to be on the same page regarding lead quality and to offer premium benefits for choosing to do business with us.

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