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If you’re looking to grow your email or SMS opt-in lists, you need to start using responsive design. More and more people are viewing emails and text messages on their mobile devices, so it’s essential that your opt-in forms look good on all screens.

More Leads More Conversions will increase the reach of your B2B email and SMS marketing campaigns with a complete strategic plan, a reliable CAN-SPAM compliant partner to send your marketing message for you, or somewhere in between.

We have multiple B2B databases and marketing services available to customize a solution to your target niche. Our services are backed by years of experience and managed by our in-house expert staff. What are SMS opt-ins? How do these marketing messages work? Is SMS list or email marketing efforts work?

In this blog post, we’ll show you how to create responsive email and SMS opt-in forms with the help of our responsive form builder. We’ll also give you some tips on how to get the most out of your opt-in forms!

What’s an SMS?

A short message service is a form of sending text messages over a mobile network. This service can be used for free on a lot of devices which means it’s pretty popular and easy to use. It uses the short message protocol (SMPP). Text message marketing involves an SMS strategy for both an email and a mobile device. There are many types of messaging systems that can send SMS; some examples include:

Google Cloud Messaging, Twilio or Amazon SNS.

What’s an email?

Email (or electronic mail) is a method of exchanging digital messages from an author to one or more recipients within seconds. The history of modern email can be traced back to 1972 when Ray Tomlinson was the first person who sent emails between two computers.

Email marketing is a great way to reach out to your target audience and increase sales using an opt-in email list. Sending email newsletters, product promotions and special offers will help you market your products or services efficiently.

You can easily find free email marketing tools such as MailChimp that significantly reduce the time and effort needed to send bulk messages.

Why do we need this?

There are many websites online that offer free SMS services but what about email lists? There’s a cost to maintain an opt-in email list because the sender needs to buy the email list from a reputable list provider, purchase a domain name and web hosting so he can send anonymous emails, and many more.

We just want to change that and we think the world should have free email lists because nobody should be paying for something that can easily be created using a simple script. Email marketing costs are reliable to increase SMS opt-ins for future text messages and mobile phone numbers. A double opt-in occurs when someone explicitly approves marketing through both SMS and email. SMS and email involve multiple channels for opt-out and text messaging.

How does it work?

Every time someone subscribes using SMS or email, that information will be stored in a MySQL database. The script then does the following:

It checks if the username already exists in the database, If it doesn’t exist, the script will register a new user and assign it to an ID. It assigns 15points to the new user.

It also inserts the username, mobile number or email address, and date of registration using a timestamp. It sends an anonymous welcome email to the user which includes their unique ID and points. It creates a nice responsive HTML template for your website

It will check if the username doesn’t exist anymore (based on the timestamp) and if it no longer exists then it will delete that record from the database. And finally, it sends another welcome message to confirm that the user has been unsubscribed.

How to Design SMS Opt-In Pop-Up?

Let’s take a closer look!


Firstly, create a form using the above HTML code or use this website to generate one for you at no cost.

Then, put your form inside an IFRAME tag by replacing YOUR_SITE_URL with your site’s URL address.

The next thing you need to do is download our opt-in pop-up image which you can find inside the article below.

Now, host the opt-in image on your site by linking it directly to your website’s domain or CDN link. You can achieve this easily with Imgur and Just be sure to remove the IMG tag before uploading them onto these websites.

The last thing you need to do is put the opt-in image’s URL inside the SRC attribute of the IFRAME tag. Make sure that your website is already responsive because it will be used as an outer page for your popup Email List.

Make the list:

Create an email list anywhere on your webpage whether it be in the source code or inside a database by using MySQL. This can be done easily with PHP or any other programming language you are comfortable with.

It is important to insert each user’s name, mobile number/email address, and timestamp when they subscribe. The timestamp will be used by the script to know when to send an email or delete a record from the database.

If you are not familiar with MySQL and PHP yet, you can easily create a list manually by using this tool inside your Gmail account.

Then, insert the emails one by one inside the mail_list.php file with the following line of codes:

Save your file and upload it using FTP or whatever method you are comfortable with. Be sure that your email list is publicly available for anyone to see. Then, insert the following line of codes inside the mail_list.php file:

And finally, replace YOUR_EMAIL with your own email address where you want to receive the welcome emails from the script and YOUR_SITE_URL with your website’s URL.

Upload mail_list.php file using FTP or any other method you are comfortable with and be sure that your email list is publicly available for anyone to see.

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More Leads More Conversions will increase the reach of your B2B email and SMS marketing campaigns with a complete strategic plan, a reliable CAN-SPAM compliant partner to send your marketing message for you, or somewhere in between.

We have multiple B2B databases and marketing services available to customize a solution to your target niche. Our services are backed by years of experience and managed by our in-house expert staff.

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Are responsive email and SMS opt-in lists matter?

Responsive email and SMS opt-in lists are quite popular nowadays. More and more businesses get their marketing campaigns to align with the current digital trends to attract customers from all possible devices.

The numbers of responsive emails that I’ve seen were really great, but people didn’t subscribe to them at all, or subscribed to only one message, not to the whole campaign. Why?

Let’s think about why they are so popular nowadays. Responsive email and SMS opt-in lists (combined with automation) provide marketers with a big amount of data very fast, especially if the conversion rate is really high on some segments.

It works like this: someone subscribes to one type of message – for example to an SMS message – and due to the high conversion rate, marketers send him all their SMS messages for free.

What’s the catch? People unsubscribe or ignore them because they didn’t subscribe just to receive SMS messages, but email newsletters as well.

The solution is to make it very clear that subscribers are signing up for all messages, not just SMS or email. People might opt-in to receive only one message, but they still want the rest of the emails/messages from this business.

Another advantage of responsive email SMS opt-in lists is that people don’t have to enter their email address and phone number manually.

They usually provide a form (can be embedded into the website or sent as a link via email) that allows people to subscribe by their email and/or phone number, so marketers can segment them even more precisely.

Final thoughts

A great example of a responsive email opt-in list. The idea here is to provide customers with an incentive that will encourage them to go ahead and subscribe while also providing the option for mobile users to input their phone number which can be used by senders in order to establish mobile mail contact.

This kind of list has become much more important in recent years as mobile operating systems have become so dominant.

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