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As a business owner, you know that more leads equal more sales. And as technology advances, it’s becoming easier and easier to get real-time leads from potential customers.

So how can you make sure that you’re taking advantage of this technology and getting the most out of your leads?

At More Leads More Conversions Leads, we focus on all things leads, data, and marketing.

We don’t stop at just providing you with the very best information. We take it a step further and provide excellent customer service and dependability.

Travis Wood founded this company in his home in 1999, and the company has grown at an incredible pace.

Travis started initially by digging up his own leads but then quickly expanded to help others secure inquiries for themselves.

What started in a home office has now expanded to a national and global community, and Travis is really a digital marketing pioneer. This blog post will discuss some tips for converting more real-time leads into paying customers. Keep reading to learn more!

What is a real-time lead?

Stated, a real-time lead is someone who submits their email address on your website in exchange for content, such as an ebook or whitepaper. Real-time leads are fantastic because they provide you with the opportunity to follow up with these people and nurture them into potential customers.

Once you have someone’s contact information, you can continue to market to them and offer more products and services down the line that may be of interest.

A real-time lead is different from a typical lead in that it is more of an “opt-in,” whereas a traditional lead form asks the person to give out their contact information without getting anything in return.

Real-time leads are just one type of conversion you can get on your website; for example, placing opt-in forms on your homepage can increase email subscriptions.

What is the process of Real-time lead generation?

What does real-time lead generation look like? Having quick access to accurate, up-to-the-minute information about your prospects is invaluable.

These potential leads help you make better decisions and increase conversions while decreasing costs. Real-time lead generation means knowing what makes your prospects tick, what they’re looking for, and how best to reach them.

Qualified leads offer a better sales process for existing customers and web form. The converting leads generated will offer the sales teams better performance on the landing pages.

Besides this, the support team works purposefully for the landing page in an existing lead. Poor customer experience can seriously ruin most businesses with unreliable sales reps and sales funnel. These prospective customers have inquired through a sales vertical about your products/services. Send leads to CRM or email tools to trigger follow-up campaigns.

Real-time lead generation is an ongoing process that requires constant evaluation, monitoring, and tweaking to be successful, but here’s what you can do today to begin the process to get more than the existing traffic.

Conduct a needs assessment at every touchpoint

Understand how prospects interact with your brand across all channels—not just the ones your sales team works with.

This will allow you to provide a more holistic view of your customers and prospects, which can improve sales conversions.

Use analytics to track your best leads

Which search terms are bringing people to your site? What links do they click? What pages do they spend the most time on when they get there?

Use analytics to create a profile of your most successful leads and use it to inform your real-time lead generation.

Personalize web and email content for every prospect

Don’t mistake thinking personalized content only works for nurturing touchpoints—now is the time to personalize all your interactions, from web content to emails.

You may be able to increase conversion rates by as much as 50% when you use personalized content.

Create a mobile marketing strategy

In addition, make sure your real-time leads are optimized for all devices and operating systems. As the smartphone market grows in popularity, neglecting a mobile marketing strategy can severely decline conversions.

Use real-time lead generation to convert browsers into buyers

When you’re working with non-buying customers, use your real-time lead generation strategy to move them through the sales cycle and closer to purchasing an organization from which they would have been unwilling to buy earlier in the process.

To get the most out of your real-time lead generation, continue tracking and monitoring your prospects’ behaviors.

Ways to increase conversion rate?

Here are 15 ways to increase conversions that focus on improving the quality of your leads and nurturing them along:

Offer incentives

People like getting something for free. When you offer a bonus for opting in, such as an ebook or whitepaper, not only will you see higher conversion rates—you’ll also boost your brand image.

Gain trust

Your prospects are more likely to convert if they believe you are honest with them.

Make sure that the information you give on your website is accurate and offers value. Your lead response times have a substantial impact on your conversion rates. 

Focus on one thing

Instead of bombarding visitors with too many options, decide what’s most important to emphasize on your site and place your primary focus there. If your product is good, it doesn’t need many bells and whistles to make a sale.


Recommendations from others carry a lot of weight. Letting visitors see that other people trust you enough to endorse you will increase conversions. But often, your website visitors want real-time, live support.

Keep it simple

Don’t use complicated words or jargon—it will only drive visitors away. State things as clearly as possible and don’t make your messages complicated. The sales rep is ready to chat to make things simple.


Testimonials from satisfied customers will help with conversions because they show credibility. Write them yourself, though, to give them more impact. It’s a critical feature for generating leads.

Is lead response time essential?

Lead response time is one of the most critical factors in understanding your conversion rate. It’s so important; it actually has a big impact on your bottom line. It can be measured in seconds or minutes, or even hours. Regardless of how long it takes to reply to leads, there’s no denying that faster lead response times mean better conversions and higher profits. It’s not just what you say, but how fast you can say it.

When your lead response time is off track, it could be the difference between landing the sale or losing out.

Because when leads are waiting too long to respond to their messages, they’ll move on to another business that can better serve them.

The real-time lead response is like a competitive edge. Businesses that don’t offer it risk losing sales to those who do.

But exactly how much can real-time messaging boost conversions? Let’s look at the numbers: Leads who receive a reply within five minutes are 13x more likely to convert than those who wait 9 minutes or more.

A chatbot is a perfect way to deliver a real-time lead response. Unlike chat platforms like Skype and Facebook Messenger, a bot can offer your visitors more personalized information.

Bots can also quickly scale and plan for surges in traffic, guaranteeing that leads always receive prompt service. Bots use natural language processing (NLP) to recognize visitors’ needs and then conversationally provide relevant answers.

Bots can also be programmed with highly targeted scripts that help you launch thousands of conversations in just a few hours, allowing your business to generate more leads than ever before.

Bots can also save time and money for companies looking to increase their bottom line without hiring more employees. Bots eliminate the need to hire and train customer service reps, saving you money and resources that would have previously been spent on staffing and training new hires.

With bots, your staff can focus on the other priorities to grow your business. Picreel customers get a 15-300% instant increase in inbound leads & conversions.


If you want more real-time leads, contact us today. We can help!

The internet has forever changed how people buy things. To keep up with changing consumer behavior and capitalize on new opportunities, businesses need to ensure they are providing a customer experience that is relevant at the moment.

This means having lead generation systems that provide instant leads in real-time. And luckily, this is something our team at TopSpot Internet Marketing excels at doing.

Contact us today if you want more real-time leads that convert into sales!

We generate the highest quality leads.

Whether you’re looking for Business B2B or Consumer B2C, More Leads More Conversions is known for generating leads of the highest quality by taking your cold data and turning it into warm leads. We can even help you out with a custom marketing scheme so you’ll be covered from all angles.

Tested for quality, all information is verified.

We don’t give you any information you don’t need because we know you don’t have time for that. So the data we provide is only that which is absolutely necessary for your success.

91% of people who buy real-time leads become repeat clients.

Enough said.

We guarantee all our real-time leads.

Unlike some of the competition, More Leads More Conversions can guarantee the quality of our leads, and we’ll stake our reputation on it.

Real-time leads are prospects that are looking to purchase your purchases or services.

When we take your cold data and turn it into warm leads, we’re providing you with prospects that will help to grow your business.

Real-time leads are generated using call centers or through our several online services.

We have a proprietary system to gather leads for you, so you can spend less time keeping an eye out for leads and more time building your business.

You can receive real-time leads directly to your phone, CRM, or email address.

In this increasingly busy and connected world that we live in, you must be able to access all the information you need as quickly as possible and via every possible technological avenue. So we link up with your phone, customer relationship management service, or email address to get you the info you need.

Real-time leads are great because the customer provided all their information to a call center or online and has a strong interest in being contacted by a company like yours.

Again, enough said.

Create a custom campaign based on your needs or get dialed into a campaign already generating leads in your category.

At More Leads More Conversions, we like to focus on your needs. While that could be a catchy jingle, it’s also true. Our leads are explicitly filtered to fit your demographic, so nothing irrelevant will get through when generating leads.

Our Guarantees.

At More Leads More Conversions, we believe the only way to build a successful business is to ensure our clients achieve the best results possible from the data you purchase. We are confident in the information you buy from More Leads More Conversions; we offer you guarantees.

We can offer guarantees because we have over 30 years of experience providing quality data to our clients. We know what works and how to help you grow your business. Our business grows by serving you repeatedly with your data needs.

Customize your growth plan

With More Leads More Conversions, you can purchase leads without any fixed contracts or partner with us on a long-term growth plan to unlock our full suite of resources and cheaper leads.

Fixed Lead Pricing

Escape lead fluctuations and expensive advertising costs; our leads are sold at a fixed price to help you keep costs manageable and easy to scale.

Transparent Refund Terms

Our clients enjoy peace of mind thanks to transparent refund terms available online at any time. We want everyone to be on the same page regarding lead quality and to offer premium benefits for choosing to do business with us.

When you’re ready to know you’re getting the best appending service to update and enhance your data, give us a call!

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